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Member Benefits

Societe Mondiale du Vin

Societe Mondiale du Vin was created to promote the enjoyment, knowledge and understanding of fine wines and crafted beverages.

The framework of Societe Mondiale du Vin provides for professional and amateur participation, with one of its goals being to provide help, encouragement and support for the young professionals who are to be the best sommeliers of the future.

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Gastronome (Amateur) Membership Benefits Include:

  • A worldwide network of professional and gastronome (non-professional) members.
  • Attendance at extraordinary dinners in your community, region, nation, and throughout the world.
  • Opportunities to interact with renowned chefs and vintners who are members of the Chaine.
  • Gourmet travel offerings both at home and abroad.
  • Sponsorship of up-and-coming chefs and sommeliers through the Chaine Foundation and Chaine-sponsored competitions.
  • Subscription to national and international Chaine magazines.
  • Opportunity to join Social Mondiale du Vin to promote the enjoyment, education and understanding of fine wines and crafted beverages.
  • Recognition as a member in Paris.
  • Opportunity to represent the U.S. Chaine as an ambassador of goodwill around the world.
  • For hospitality professionals, a listing on the U.S. Chaine website and attractive logo plaque to display at restaurant, winery, or hotel.




When the Chaine des Rotisseurs was reestablished in Paris in 1950, two of the five founding members were professionals�a r�seur and a grillardin. They were soon joined by restaurateurs, hoteliers, caterers, food and wine producers, and others. About one quarter of the world-wide Cha� membership today continues to be made up of professionals. The experience, guidance and interest of our professionals has brought our Confr�e to its present respected place in the world of gastronomy.

To honor the important role of professionals in our society, the Cha� des R�seurs recognizes their contribution in many ways. One of the ways we recognize our professional members is by publishing a Directory of Affiliates on the Website.


The Professional Plaque
Upon induction, each professional member receives a handsome, full-color enamel plaque which can be displayed outside or within their establishment. Since Chaine membership is offered only to the finest restaurateurs and hoteliers, the plaque proclaims excellence in food and service. Please note, however, that the plaques remain the property of the Chaine des R�seurs and can be displayed only so long as the member remains in good standing and is normally present at the property. Professional members may also use the Chaine logo on menus, brochures or in news releases so long as it is accompanied by the member's name, Chaine title, and the legend "Confr�e de la Chaine des R�seurs."


Our full-color Gastronome magazine reports on outstanding events held around the country. Whenever possible, we include photos and bios of member chefs and managers of host establishments. 


Professional Challenge
Hosting a Cha� des R�seurs event offers the opportunity to showcase exceptional skills and creativity for an appreciative, knowledgeable audience. Many establishments use these events as a motivational experience for their staff. Those who "work'' a Cha� dinner from planning to the final accolades remember it for a long while.

Young Commis Competition
The national Cha� des R�seurs organization sponsors an annual young cooks competition with participants coming from the kitchens of member establishments. Regional winners go on to compete in a national finals with the top scorer of that going on to the international competition held in a different Cha� country each year. Awards are presented at all levels.

Young Sommelier Competition
Societe Mondiale du Vin, the wine arm of the Society, sponsors an annual competition for young Chaine-sponsored wine professionals. This contest provides participants with the opportunity to display their knowledge on wine, crafted beverages and wine service. Blind tastings and a written test are both components of the competition. Regional winners compete in a national finals. Awards are presented at both levels.

The Cha� des R�seurs Foundation
Through its special tax-exempt foundation and in conjunction with the major culinary teaching institutions, the Confr�e provides significant help to students of the culinary and viticultural arts. Funds are raised through member contributions, auctions, etc.


Professional Ranks
In keeping with the traditions of the ancient guild of r�seurs, our society has established a series of distinctive titles and decorations. The titles bestowed upon incoming professional members depend upon their present functions and whether they have direct responsibility for a kitchen and if the kitchen has a turning spit, as follows:

  • R�seur - Young professional who works with a tuning spit or grill.
  • Chef R�seur - Chef directing a kitchen with a turning spit or grill
  • Ma�e R�seur - Proprietor or manager with responsibility for directing the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel with a turning spit or grill.
  • Ma�e R�seur Traiteur - Proprietor or manager with responsibility for directing the kitchen of a catering establishment with a turning spit.
  • Ma�e de Table - Proprietor or manager of a restaurant who does not direct the culinary operations of the establishment.
  • Ma�e Hotelier - Hotel Manager or Proprietor.
  • Professionnel du Vin - A person directly involved in viticulture, producing wine or spirits, or the sale and distribution of such products.
  • Professionnel de la Table - A person directly involved in the growing or raising of foodstuffs or in the production, sale, or distribution of culinary items.


Testimonials from Our Professional Members

As for me, to be a member of La Cha� is a matter of pride, as well as a wonderful way to meet people of similar interests, including one's peers from all over the world. It is a great way to enjoy exceptional food, wine and camaraderie in the company of good friends. In over 25 years as a professional member, I have always found the preparation and presentation of a "Cha�" dinner to be an invitation to stimulate the desire of everyone involved to excel. It challenges the skills and expertise of both the culinary as well as the service brigades to be creative and to put on an exceptional performance. What better way for a professional to demonstrate his or her skills!

Henry E. Schielein - General Manager The Balboa Bay Club


Besides the fun of attending events, my Cha� membership provides me the opportunity to learn what the discriminating consumer is looking for in our products, something of a window into the world of knowledgeable gourmets. I have had the pleasure also of traveling to a number of bailliages as a guest and a lecturer. Meeting with Cha� members face to face has certainly provided me with an insight that I did not have before.

Ariane Daguin, owner of D'Artagnan
Purveyors of Foie Gras and Game


Taste is the discrimination of genius. For centuries, the power of taste has been defined by the passionate involvement of the Confr�e de la Cha� des R�seurs and chefs constantly striving to create new compositions. Our role is to enhance flavors and aromas of spices and to share our knowledge through discipline and passion. For us chefs, sublime magicians, our art is not immortalized by being framed on a wall. It simply dwells in the exaltation of a meal and the remembrance of our masters.

Christian Rassinoux, Executive Chef
The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel